Things that Go Bump in the Night (Haunted Series Book 8)

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Zoom Out. Item : TTGB Format: DVD. New England is a region full of beauty and history, but it also hides a dark heritage which many speak about in tales 'round the campfire on a crisp autumn evening… Things That Go Bump in the Night takes you on a journey throughout New England collecting tales of the supernatural, the unexplained and the mysterious - spooky stories of ghosts, spirits, witches… and even a vampire! Add to Wish List. Grade Level:.

Secondary Subject:. Length: 57 minutes on 1 Disc.

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Copyright Year:. Production Year: As Seen on PBS. Closed Captioned: Yes. Closed Captioned: No. Subtitled: Yes. Subtitle Languages:. Language Tracks:. Aspect Ratio:. Country of Origin: United States. Content Warning:. Visit some of New England's most haunted houses - from the infamous Lizzie Borden house in Fall River to the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, the sight of a terrible tragedy almost a century ago - and many say that those who experienced that tragedy still remain there to this day… Explore the haunted Hoosac Tunnel, an engineering marvel which runs though the Berkshire mountains and cost the lives of almost souls to build.

ISBN 13: 9780809013364

Even the beautiful and charming New England coastline hides a darker side - from the haunted New London Ledge Lighthouse to a suit of armor that screams at visitors in a castle in Newport, RI! If you love to travel the picturesque Mohawk Trail, there's the Charlemont Inn where you can spend the night… and you just may find yourself sharing the room with an uninvited guest or two!

Through interviews with local authors, experts, and paranormal investigators Tales of Haunted New England collects the legends, stories and personal accounts of some of the creepiest and scariest tales from throughout the region!

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Banff Ghost Walks

First Name. Weather can change quickly in Banff, and nights are often cool so please dress prepared for rain, shine or cooler temperatures. What is the cancellation policy? Should I tip my guide? Tips are not expected, but are certainly appreciated. If you think your guide did a wonderful job and would like to indicate that with a tip, it will be graciously accepted.

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The minimum age is 8 years. This tour requires a minimum of 2 participants. Please call 2 hours prior to your tour to confirm that minimum numbers have been met. Banff Sightseeing Chairlift Take an 8 minute chairlift ride over.

Throughout the day. Open Ticket. Family Fun.

On Ghosts, Witches, Vampires, Zombies, and Other Monsters of the Natural and Supernatural Worlds

This hotel has had some famous guests including Oscar Wilde and Steven Spielberg. The hotel is said to be haunted by the phantom of a woman who has scared some guests enough that they leave the hotel. Steven Spielberg is one of those of those guests who had an encounter with this ghostly woman and was so frightened by the experience he would not stay in the hotel any longer. Click here for more East Texas ghost stories. The Baker hotel originally opened in and served guests for many decades before shutting its doors. When it was open the Baker Hotel was home a nude female ghost covered in blood known to haunt the 7th floor.

The other ghost seen in this hotel was a person supposedly killed in an elevator accident. Luckily for people the hotel is closed, but if you want to meet these ghosts then dont worry as the hotel will be reopening soon once again.

The ghosts in the Stockyards Hotel like to play with the water in the bathrooms and one of them enjoys getting on the lift and taking it up and down the hotel. Some guest have also reported feeling someone crawling into bed with them only for no one to be there when the look. The Hotel Galvez opened in and was added the the national register of historic place in April The hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of woman. This female ghosts haunts the 5th floor of the hotel and is forever stuck after hanging herself in the hotel. The woman apparently hung herself after hearing that her husband had died while at sea.

Built in this hotel is the oldest and most well known hotel in Austin. The hotel was built by Jesse Driskill who was a cattleman and used his fortune to build hotels. Old buildings like this are always haunted and this one is no different. admin