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Thanks for such an interesting review and the link. Living in Germany I haven't heard of James Wong before, but his website is very extensive and I will probably spend all evening looking through it now! Will take a look at the book too.

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And I need the botanical names - gardening in English and German can get confusing at times! Fabulous post!

James Wong's Homegrown Revolution by James Wong - Books - Hachette Australia

Thank you! I find his website very interesting too. Now I have to read the book just to find out what made you so mad! Thanks for the review. I'd be interested to see it the same thing makes you mad! I should grow more veggies but I just love flowers more.


But when my kids were very little I grew a large-ish vegetable garden and included things that would be fun for them to grow. My son loved pulling up onions and beets while my toddler daughter ran around the yard squirting cherry tomatoes on everyone. They were both mesmerized by the pumpkins. Now I'm curious about it!

It is worth trying to get hold of a copy - if only because there are some beautiful edibles included, so you might just be able to combine your desire to grow more veggies with your love of flowers. Great book review! Your comments about the meme made me smile as I was in the same boat a couple of months ago I had to refer to wikipedia and just hope I wouldn't make a fool of myself. In the end it was good fun and I learnt lots from experienced Meme-ers!!

James Wong's Homegrown Revolution

I still have no idea how to pronounce it, but I have decided to take the same approach as I take with tricky plant names I just have to work out which of the five possibilities of meme pronunciation I like best! Hello, and thank you for stopping by my blog and joining.

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Good Luck in Virginia. How beautiful it is! I am in Norfolk UK, which is also very beautiful although a bit foggy today. Thanks for hopping over to my site from Flighty's Plot, and leaving such a kind comment. Looks like you have a very busy and fulfilling lifestyle. I'll enjoy checking out more of your postings :.

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I haven't read his book, but I agree that day lilies are delicious, both raw and stir fried. Violets are also very good. I'm surprised they are not grown as a crop and sold in stores. I have also heard that kudzu, that monster vine that is swallowing the countryside in my part of the world, is also edible.

I haven't had the nerve to try that yet, but it is comforting to know that in case of severe economic disaster, we have a ready crop growing in the valley behind our house. How interesting! I love any veg that is delicious raw as I do enjoy eating on the hoof. Is there a book on eating your weeds? I have a glut of them. I agree with what you said about how children should experience growing food and that photo is wonderfully expressive.

I particularly like the idea of eating ornamentals. My daughter in law who grew up in a refugee camp has taught me that anything that grows that is not poisonous is worth considering eating. Unfortunately I don't have hostas or daylilies in my garden!

James Wong Homegrown Revolution Plants

Thank you Catmint! Your daughter-in-law's philosophy is very wise - it has really made me think. You had me very curious why you were infuriated after you finally got into reading the book. I never ate a day lily but may try after reading here. For years, gardening books have said the same old thing about growing the same old fruit and vegetables. But in the wider world, as well as closer to home, there is a huge variety of delicious and often simple-to-grow incredible edibles suitable for temperate climates.

Often common plants grown for flowers, like fuchsia, have delicious fruits or hips but we have long forgotten their use as edible plants.

James Wong's Exotic Fruit for UK gardens! - Homegrown Revolution

As the demand for 'home-grown' produce increases, this is the perfect time to introduce a whole new range of tasty, healthy and productive alternatives to the humble spud or lettuce. And who better to blaze the trail than the vastly knowledgeable and enthusiastic James Wong who tells us what to grow, how to grow it, and how to cook and eat it as well as the special properties of new plants.

After winning a scholarship to the university of Bath James went on to train at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, and the University of Kent, gaining a Master of Science degree with distinction in Ethnobotany.

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The series demonstrates a number of natural remedies sourced from plants and became the highest-rated gardening series on UK television. James is also a regular face on the hit BBC One rural affairs series Countryfile since its reformatting in April Wong has designed an Ethnobotanical Garden for the University of Kent, where he is a guest lecturer. Visit his website at www.

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