Fear Not! Walk in Joy: Stepping Through Your Obstacles To Joyous Living

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Sounds dreamy, right?! We all have goals and dreams that will bring us closer to that joyful lifestyle. Each year we resolve to make changes that bring us closer to where we want to be in our careers, businesses, fitness, and personally. We set out with great intentions! It is always a time to celebrate when deciding to embark on new adventures and make changes in our lives. The possibilities are endless!

It is also very scary and intimidating to decide to do things a bit differently. Fear of the unknown wreaks havoc on our thoughts and ambitions. It is a simple case of who wins — the excitement and new opportunities, or the doom and gloom and negative Nelly thoughts running around our heads? Most dreams and goals fade away and remain in dreamland because of the latter.

We let fear do the celebrating, while we cower in the corner watching our beautiful life vision fade before our eyes.

A Prayer for the Joy of the Lord to Fill Our Lives

That is why many people stay stuck on the treadmill of life — reliving days and years over and over again, looking on at people around them that built lives that make them laugh and smile all day long. Here is a little secret — You can easily press the emergency stop button on your own treadmill, step off and do things differently.

The Essence of Joy

And you can do it feeling secure and confident. I was stuck and lost and knew that how I was living was not living at all. When I finally set out to make changes in my life, I was actually shocked at how much easier it was to break away from the life I was living, and start to rebuild my life to what I wanted it to look like. It was like building a house, one brick at a time.

From setting a strong foundation getting to know myself , to drawing up the blueprints creating my life vision , to creating the project timeline a clear action plan to finally working through all the obstacles that could get in my way fears, beliefs, and doubts , I was embarking on a new journey — My journey!

Our Joyful Encounter with the Lord

Living a life of true joy everyday is an ongoing process, but there are simple steps to take each time you need to assess your life and make changes. In my new free e-book, I go into details about each of these steps including powerful journal questions to bring you clarity around your life vision, reveal your hesitations, exercises to face them head on, and finally, how to plan for success.

Here are highlights from the book of the 7 steps to finally choosing a path that will lead you to waking up excited about your day, feeling fulfilled, and finding true joy. Take time to dream about what you would like your life to look like 5 or 10 years down the line. Where do you live?

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Who is in your life? What career or business do you have?

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What leisure activities do you do? What does your ideal day look like? Leave your fears aside and dream big. Knowing what a joyful life looks like for you is the only way to begin! What do you need to do in the next 3, 6, and 9 months in order to move you closer to your dreams? Where do you need to be a year from now?

Make sure you are very clear on your goals. These should be S. What is standing in your way?

fear not walk in joy stepping through your obstacles to joyous living Manual

It might actually come across to you as a logical excuse or it may be hidden deep within you. There is something holding you back. What makes you hesitate? What are you afraid of? What negative beliefs keep you firmly where you are — not living a completely joyful life? I knew what lie ahead in my path by several yards. The crack in the sidewalk was no longer the most apparent object in my visual range. Spiritual perspective is like that, too. When we become myopic about our difficulties, we fail to see the long-range picture—what Christ has waiting for us beyond the trial, the illness, or the grave.

When we stand on tiptoe and look beyond the bulkhead of our trials and fix our eyes on the hope found in our salvation, we can have joy in all circumstances. We can look past the difficulties because life on this earth is temporary and we have something far greater and more glorious waiting for us. I struggled to lift my voice in praise to God when a doctor initially told me he could do nothing for my torn retina and I knew my vision was fading fast. I discovered, however, that we can attain a perspective of joy when we face the hotspots of life by seeing what God sees. Follow His model.

How did he approach life? He knew something totally unexpected and unprecedented would happen after His death—the resurrection. When we focus on Him, His love for us, and His power that is stronger than anything that would defy us, the troubles we face no longer look so bad. Troubles might be missiles launched from the hand of the enemy. But our great God, who is in the business of making redemptive use of all things, can bring constructive results from destructive forces.

In hindsight, I can see that my own visual impairment has made me a better, stronger person. It taught me to utterly depend on God for the smallest of things. The years go by fast, and the older you get, the faster they go. Someday all this will end.

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  • The time to develop long- range vision is now. Look at everything in your life in view of eternity. Better yet, make those hard moments count for the Kingdom. As you walk into the cancer ward, ask yourself: Who can I share the Gospel message with today? When I researched the word joy in the Bible, I found that the Psalmist often gave reasons why we could be filled with joy.

    Here are just a few:. We have so many spiritual blessings! Instead of focusing on the problems of the day or our current pain level, we can find joy in what God has given us. Yes, we may suffer, but He has promised to never leave our side. I can have joy because I know Jesus shares my heartache and it would be so much worse without Him to bear it with me.

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