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You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Preview View All. Powered by WordPress. Close the menu. Film Expand the sub-menu. TV Expand the sub-menu. Awardsline Expand the sub-menu. Box Office Expand the sub-menu. Seth's a bunny on the run, but when he drops into the arms of Ra, a badass biker tiger and his fated mate, his life changes for the better. When an unexpected pregnancy raises questions about Seth's heritage and the Fae start dropping in, Ra's left wondering if he'll ever get his HEA especially when he learns giving birth could result in his beloved Seth's death.

Fated Mates. Words: 56, Published: February 16, Following the storyline from On The Brink, starting from Madison and Scott's capture, Madison is in for a rough time when Death saves him, but dressed in a suit he can cope with anything, including his mate's dithering about. Sebastian has a lot to learn before he melts Madison's heart and Madison's not making it easy on him.

Can be read as standalone.

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Spin off series from the Cloverleah Pack. Words: 78, Published: January 17, Raff was a red wolf out of luck and out of chances. But a sexy merman and a serial killer with weird ideas are doing their best to change that.

A move to Cloverleah is decided but will two mates become three. Teilo seems to think so. Published: December 9, Trent Summers knows about the shifter world; he's an honorary member of the Stockton pack. But vampires and other paranormals are an unknown quantity and Trent hates it when Dimitri insists he visit the coven house as part of a police investigation.


Meeting Alexi knocks him off his feet, but with a killer in town, they have to stick together if they both want a chance at an HEA. Published: November 18, Four short stories featuring characters from past Cloverleah Pack novels. Find out how Diablo became king; indulge with Josh and Vadim on their honeymoon; hang out with Kane and Shawn and be there when Luke meets Baby Ollie for the first time - the newest and youngest member of the Cloverleah pack. This is not a standalone book. Words: 49, Published: October 13, Botis is a demon, Raziel is an angel. The two were meant to stay away from each other, until a memo from Head Office suggests otherwise.

Now Raziel has to cope with the temptation Botis offers him, and Botis has to find out if he can cope with having a heart.

But not everyone is happy with the new mating and after Botis gets drugged all bets are off. Demons aren't the problem. Angels are. Words: 81, Published: September 20, Adair and Vassago know they are mates even though they've never met. Vassago has his own mission to complete before he can let his wolf shifter claim him, but Adair is getting tired of waiting.

In the meantime the boys at Cloverleah are still running through one problem after another - and is there a crown in Adair's future. If things go according to plan, then maybe there will be. Published: August 13, All Ronan has in his life is his love of dancing and a few good friends. As an omega wolf, he's perfectly happy with that. But when a couple of Alpha wolves turn up at one of his shows, Ronan's life takes an unexpected turn. How can he adhere to his mother's warnings when one of the surly Alphas is his mate? A straight mate at that. Words: 60, Published: July 22, When Mace put Roan in jail, for his own protection, he had no idea that one meeting would change his life forever.

He'd like to spend the time getting to know his new mate, but with a killer on the loose, and the nagging little problem that he'd never been with a man before there were a lot of things that needed to fall into place before he and Roan could share an HEA. Published: May 14, Phillip can't get over his betrayal of his pack, and so when his mate Kellen walks into his life with another man under his arm, he's not surprised. But nothing is as it seems, and Kellen has to work hard, not only to convince Phillip to accept him, but also save him and the pack from forces far greater than any of them have seen.

Words: 90, Published: April 3, Tobias hasn't got a problem with an anonymous hookup, but when his last encounter leaves him with a permanent scar, before running off to call another man, he is not happy. Wolf shifters mate for life, and now he's been claimed Tobias is left wondering if he'll ever have sex again. But bear shifters Kurt and Luke are looking for him, and when they all meet Words: 72, Published: January 12, Dax Portrain and Zane MacIntosh are true mates.

But wolf shifters and vampires don't get along.

Zane has the strength to stay away from his wolf, but Dax is a lot more reckless. One meeting, one bite and their lives change forever and it's not all in a good way. After all, Dax is trained to be Alpha and his father is pushing him to mate with another wolf. Words: 87, Published: December 14, Sin and Ben have been together for six months now, but things are not rosy in the pack. Sin has issues with the claiming side of things, and Ben is not sure he can cope much longer. Having a serial killer around who has a preference for men like Ben, and a bear shifter named Gabriel who smells really good, and things are getting interesting for the small Stockton pack.

Words: 92, Published: October 18, Josh is happy being a beta wolf for the Cloverleah pack. The pack is constantly under threat and he finds he likes it. But what he is really hoping for is a chance to meet his mate.

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Unfortunately, when he finally does, he is unconscious at the time. Vadim is a centuries old vampire, who definitely doesn't want a wolf shifter mate. But the Fates have other plans. HEA and no cliff hangers. Published: July 19, Roger told everyone he didn't want a mate, but he already knew the Fates had picked one for him. When he does meet up with Cam again though, he is going to wish he had done something sooner.

Hiep Thi Le Dies: Oliver Stone’s ‘Heaven And Earth’ Star Was 46

Cam has spent four years living in hell, and Roger is going to have to change his thinking, to help Cam become the Omega he was born to be. Words: 44, Published: June 10, Carlin never expected to ever meet his mate. He was an Alpha Fighter in the Souterrain, with very little chance to get out. But when another fighter, Lucas catches his eye, Carlin knows he has to have him in his bed and when he realizes Lucas is his mate, he doesn't want the man to leave. But now he has to fight to get both men out of the prison they were in Words: 86, Published: May 15, Jax has a secret he's been hiding for years - he's the only half fae he knows that can turn into a wolf shifter.

Living in the Cloverleah Pack he never expects to meet his two mates but when he does, he finds it hard to accept the two men fated to be his. Aelfric and Fafnir have always known their third would be a wolf shifter, but confronted with reality was far harder than they imagined. Published: February 17, Can Devin change the way Ace had thought things should be for a lifetime, or is the gulf between them too great?

When the enforcers from Ace's old pack catch up with him, it could be too late for both of them. Published: December 22, Shane West was used to being the only wolf shifter at the Stockton Police Department. His enhanced senses helped him do his job efficiently and he prided himself on keeping control of his animal instincts.

Everything was fine until Dimitri Polst turned up. The nemesis from Shane's childhood, Dimitri has hunted Shane down and plans to claim him. With Dimitri and a killer, Shane is more than busy. Words: 83, Dean, an Omega wolf shifter, has lived a troubled life. Finally finding peace in the Cloverleah Pack, Dean thinks that his life is fine as it is. But when Matthew, an Alpha wolf turns up to help the pack with their latest problems, Dean's peace is about to be shattered. He and Matthew might be fated mates, but Dean isn't sure he wants to be claimed.

Words: 89, Published: October 16, Troy has waited three months to meet his mate, Anton. When Anton doesn't turn up as expected the last thing the Cloverleah Pack thought they would have to fight is the United States Army. Words: 64, Published: September 29, Le received critical praise and became a pioneer of Asian-American actors in mainstream American films.

In addition to acting, Le pursued her passion for cooking and became a celebrated restaurateur and chef. In , she was featured as a contestant on the Food Network competition show Chopped. She is survived by her husband; two children; six brothers and sisters; and her parents, who now live in Los Angeles.

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