Praying for My Next: My Prayerful Journey Back to My Ex

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Prayers for us I need prayers for myself to be strong and do the right thing. I need prayers for my boyfriend whom is broken hearted because of his own actions. Marianne My heart hurts and i really need God to grant us peace and love so that we can have a healthy Feeling like a faliure Can you pray that God can show me how I can be used for Him. Created Date : August 17, Pray for healing of our marriage Hello, please pray for my marriage since it's at the brink of falling apart.

While I've been going through a long depression, my husband has carried t Christa corna1. I need a prayer Please pray for me that I get to do to a dermatologist for my rash my boss allowed me to get and then I was fired. MattThrall Lanier God I wish wish you and your heart heHey mate me braiding here you guys love you so much work right in your heart and your life to be gay guy Created Date : August 15, Challenge of the enemy This week as been hectic for me.

Regarding school trying to get situated. I have not got my books and materials that I need to due over crowded studen Recovery I would like to have very deep deep prayer for healing from a long episode of an eating disorder.!!!! I have been seeking help to recover and nothing Created Date : August 14, She going though something with her boyfriend and her sons father at the same time 2 different people.

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She is ver Created Date : August 13, School staring and I am all alone Someone I am very close to is not at the school anymore because she retired and I'm really really scared about school to the point I can't even eat or Messed up life I want to die. My friends are fake and i dont like them. For my friend and for my project I am doing a project sending cards and gifts to mental hospitals. Please pray that it is successful. I am also very worried about my friend who is goi Created Date : August 12, Created Date : August 11, Depressed I feel depressed and sad.

I feel God is punishing me. I am so tired. Created Date : August 10, Help I have sinned twice today and I am in need of help to quit sinning. I have stolen, and lied and I need help to quit. I couldn't help myself for my g Fearful of the future I am someone who struggles with confidence and self belief.

The Power of Desperate Prayer

I did something wrong not long ago and though it was a minor crime I now have a criminal r Created Date : August 09, What can a dream mean Good morning. Let me jump into it. Last night I had a dream me and my mom and boyfriend all went out. Me and my boyfriend was sitting at one table wa Answers My boyfriend after 7 months moved out to live with his dad who lives in a motel who also sells drugs out the motel. Created Date : August 07, He has a bad problem with lying he told me he had pancreatic cancer and really didn't and lies about other things too.

It's re Created Date : August 06, Prayers help My ex bf and I got a house together with a baby on the way. We went to church and showed so much love for one another.

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We were so in love. When everything is going wrong Would be really grateful for prayers for my family, who are going through a lot of health and financial problems, that God guides them through and cre Continue praying for me and my family members Please continue praying for me and my family. Things are not looking great and getting no better. Very serious matters and person Created Date : August 05, Broken heart and soul I fell in love with a girl. But she didn't feel the same way. Then, we fought, because she thought I was too pessimistic, that I should think positive Created Date : August 04, I kinda need help Ok I think I borderline have a masturbation addiction and I started masturbating since before I even knew what it was I just felt good and that was th Rachel and her husband are separated right now.

She taken it rea Created Date : August 03, Bored with life I feel alone and bored especially over the weekends. I feel like I just want to get drunk. I don't have anything to do that will make me feel entertai Created Date : August 02, Created Date : August 01, Broken marriage My husband wants to divorce with me. I had unknowingly hurt him during our 9 years together. I fell into a comfort zone and start taking him for grant Thought I'd try this I have been experiencing bad headaches for a few months, alongside some other stress and depressive symptoms.

I continue to appreciate all the sympath Created Date : July 31, Addictions and anger Hi Kevin and Mary, thank you for your prayers. I think my anger has subsided since your prayers. But i still struggle with inappropriate behaviours. I've waste my time I've been going to school for nothing nobody told me that I could of got my bachelor's after high school or when I got my GED.

I feel so bad. That all Severe Anxiety About New Job My anxiety has gotten worse over the years and recently, the fear of starting a new job is setting in. It's an anxiety like no other, and I don't know Peace I am in need of some prayers for peace. I am currently living with my mom and we are just fighting all the time.

I am staying with her because of a he Created Date : July 30, Created Date : July 29, Pleading for Justice for me and my daughter Robert walked out on me sarah and our daughter Elizabeth for someone else. Please pray because my heart is torn, damaged and all I can feel is pain.

God Has a Purpose for Your Painful Divorce

Swtich my college location I have to switch my college location back to Houston County because I'm making a mistake. I called Evey apartment complex there's no opening it's like Created Date : July 28, I am 21 and have never dated anyone and I would really like to find somebody.

My friends are d Fear of thunderstorms I have a huge fear of thunderstorms since I was little and I am still afriad of storms and I will be 25 this December and I need to get rid of my fear I'm stuck My half sister doesn't want me to go to Montongomery I have my location of school back to where I'm at now and try to get an apartment here but I need MattThrall Make new person to him he is that Siri question more inside your heart I did wear any garlic care about you and your life right now I am hurrying got Created Date : July 27, Broken friendship I ask for your prayers regarding my broken relationship with my friend Monique.

I pray that we can make up and rebuild our friendship and be stronger Prayer for Erin,rose94 I pray to our father that You find peace and contentment in your life Erin Look forward and up,God is with you always, he will not forsake you. Need help God Thankyou for listening to my prayers firstly beautiful kind souls. To help me not lie I need a lot of prayers [Read More]. Created Date : July 26, Prayers for My Husband Please continue to pray for my husband, he is currently in a bad position right now being away from me and our kids. But he is not losing hope.

I know Angry and stressed Hello, I am worried about my stress and anger especially at work.

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I am super sensitive and I seem to allow myself to get irritated and I then get supe Created Date : July 25, Life Is Garbage I'm 30, and I still live at home, with my bullying, and controlling mother. She has been unable to keep a stable job since I was a kid. Your faith will provide the gateway you need so desperately to get you through this challenging time. God has a plan for every one and believe it or not but He can see past the infidelity that your husband has committed.

There is a purpose for everything that occurs in your life — yes, even infidelity. Your love for each other is everlasting and can endure the most troubling situations however, you must be committed and devoted to finding a solution — both of you. Instead of focusing on the affair, think of the ways your love has brought you joy and focus on the uplifting feeling that love supplies when it blooms. Sometimes shifting our focus can help put into motion true change and forgiveness.

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We ask that you would revive this husband and this wife, and draw them toward happy matrimony. We ask that you would renew their love and passion for one another. We ask that you would untangle the conflicts and strife, and heal the hurts. We ask that you would bring understanding and tenderness of heart. May they both embrace the miracle that you desire to do for them and with them.

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. However, I can provide you with prayers to move on and you can allow those words to assist in your decision. Proverbs ; Proverbs ; Proverbs His Back — Protect him in the physical and spiritual realms. Thank You that no weapon formed against him will stand. John ; 2 Corinthians ; Ephesians His Arms — Help my husband be strong and courageous in Your mighty power. Deuteronomy ; Joshua ; Isaiah Reward his efforts and bring him success.

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Deuteronomy ; Deuteronomy Yet sometimes, the task may seem overwhelming. Sharon has devoted February to strengthening your marriage! No need to share a lot of details. Proverbs 31 Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to lead women into a personal relationship with Christ, with Proverbs as a guide.

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