Second World: A Life

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Life after Armageddon: the deep psychological impact of the Second World War

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The Life of Adolf Hitler: Part II - The Rise of the Demon (WWII Documentary)

Poles in the Battle of Britain. Infantry, artillery and armor units always await battle longer than they participate in it. The case was similar with Polish units during the Second World War. Only Polish airmen and sailors fought practically without pause from the first days of the war. Polish Armed Forces in the West.

New resource pack for York schools brings alive life in the city during the Second World War

Active participation in the anti-German coalition through the use of its armed forces was a matter of the highest priority for the Polish government in exile. The army was also to play a significant role in the liberation of Poland. However , soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West were destined to wage battle on foreign soil.. Secret State. Secret conspiratorial formations existed in all the countries of occupied Europe, but only in Poland was a true underground state formed, with an army, ministries, parliament, police and even social services.

Underground Army. The necessity to take up armed resistance against the occupier became obvious already in the Fall of for two groups: officers of the defeated Polish Army and for young people, born and raised in a Free Poland, for whom underground conspiracy became a formative experience. Jan Karski. Among the messengers maintaining channels of communications between occupied Poland and the government in exile one must certainly mention Jan Karski.

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Not so much for how interesting his journey was, but rather for how significant his message was. In a short time… the repression machine surpassed the bureaucracy in Berlin and moved far further. There is no doubt, however, that the symbol of them all is Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest death factory in all of occupied Europe. Polish relations with Jews — Irena Sendler. In Polish-Jewish relations, World War II served as a catalyst of behaviors both heroic and deeply compassionate, as well as brutal and inhumane.

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Operation Tempest — Warsaw Uprising From the beginning of the occupation, it was planned that the underground conspiracy would culminate in a popular uprising, which would influence the political and geographic makeup of the future Polish state. In the case of the USSR, the situation was more complex, and not one dimensional. Allies and the Polish Question.

The invasion of Norway

Although Poland was a valued and active ally, she became, according to Western Allies, the source of constant, - and according to them unnecessary, - conflicts. Wars are won not only in the trenches, but also in the solitude of research labs. Even critical contributions by intelligence services are often hidden in secrecy and only declassified after many years, if at all.

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This, however, is unfortunate as these soldiers shed blood without regard for ideological conviction. And they were the only ones who managed to reach Berlin.

Norway in World War II

The extermination of Polish elites by both occupiers. This was the result of a calculated policy employed by both occupiers, especially Germany. Forced migration and Resettlement of Poles. admin