The Way of the Warrior

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By the time the summer ends and Jake leaves, Marc has changed dramatically. He goes for the first day back at school with a new confidence.

The Way of the Warrior

He aces a math test and the other students are amazed when he can do 14 pull-ups. Finally, Marc faces down a classroom bully, Kenny, at recess. He knows that the jiu-jitsu will serve him well if it actually comes to a fight, but Kenny backs down.

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Marc then shows a final act of good character and invites Kenny to play with him. As the novel ends, Marc writes Jake a thank-you letter, outlining the Warrior Kid code he has established for himself and pledging to continue the work he began with Jake.

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  • Marc's Mission. Print Word PDF. Way of a Warrior is an extraordinary emotional, physical and spiritual challenge that takes you all the way into your deepest and most authentic self, assists you in bringing yourself to the genuine challenges that you have in your life, and delivers you to new and profound possibilities.

    "The Way Of The Warrior"

    It is about bringing your body, mind and spirit together in service of your higher purpose. You will share six of the most powerful days of your life with like-hearted people from all over the world. Together, we work to re-kindle your vision for your life while being encouraged and supported by others. You will discover that the only true foe is the negativity and resignation that haunt our minds. Life calls us to more noble and fulfilling goals, into being our deepest and most authentic selves, as well as an integral part of the world community.

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    Way of a Warrior is an experience of that awakening of your vision - and more. The format: Each morning begins with movements to awaken and restore your body. Afternoons and evenings follow different patterns of individual processing or writing, partner work or large-group exercises. Each day will deepen and expand your previous work.

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